Protect your system by encrypting your documents


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Giving your files some extra protection can be pretty simple if you have the right tools available. OneCrypt is a good program you can use to protect all your important documents with passwords, which is very useful if you use a shared computer with another member of your family or with co-workers.

Its interface is very simple and doesn't have any complicated settings, making it very easy to use for all users. With OneCrypt, you can encrypt or decrypt any type of file or folder, regardless of its size. Everything you encrypt can be compressed directly from the options menu, which gives you extra security and allow you to send whole batches of files.

The application not only lets you encrypt files, but it also lets you manage all your important passwords safely. With it, you can access your accounts without having to remember every last password. You only have to remember the master password to get access to the rest of them.

The fact that it is so easy to use, and that it lets you compress files and access them without locating the containing folder, make OneCrypt a good option to keep your important documents safe in a really simple way.